Medical Engineering

Our precision gauges can be used to measure delicate tools that fulfil even the most demanding specifications - thus enabling medical professionals to minimize surgical impact


Inboard hexagon gage with an external shape

This gage is designed to test a hexagon with a wrench size of 2.5 mm. The hexagon is fitted into a form tool gage on the head end. As this is a rotationally symmetric part, wire electrical discharge machining can be used instead of grinding. What is required is a highly precise spindle and lots of experience, if the wire of 0.1 mm is to produce a surface roughness of Ra 0.2. The most decisive benefit is machining without application of lateral forces, which makes it possible to produce miniature components such as these in the first place.


Einstellmeister von OPW sorgen für hundertprozentig sichere Serienproduktion.


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